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Brivo and Eagle Eye

by Joseph Alvarado | May 25, 2016

Authorized Brivo Dealer-white

Enterprise Security is proud to have partnered with Brivo and Eagle Eye. For those of you who may be unacquainted, let’s break down what services this partnership can provide and how those services can improve the quality of security and surveillance for our existing and prospective customers. 

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A traditional access control setup will include software installed on a dedicated server or computer at or near your business site. OnAir gives you a dependable alternative to this through a modern cloud-based design, using a secured network of redundant servers to provide the software for devices such as access control card readers and keypads. This eliminates the business risk of computer crashes and loss of vital data. Automatic application of product updates means that you’ll always be up to date and secure. Unlimited site, device, and door capacity means that you’ll be completely covered no matter what the size of your business. All of these details together equal more reliability, less cost, and greater peace of mind


OnAir handles not only access control but also video surveillance through its integration of Eagle Eye technology. This system provides live video streams and recorded video clips from the security cameras at your business site. Integration with the access control system means that cameras positioned to monitor access points can record specific instances of entry for future review, taking the guesswork out of forced entries and other access-related concerns.


With the Brivo OnAir
browser portal and mobile apps, overseeing access and surveillance at your business site is both efficient and easy. For administrators, features such as setting access schedules, monitoring access reports, updating credentials, reviewing footage, remotely granting access, and more are all at your fingertips on all of your preferred devices, including PC, IOS, and Android. For non-admin users, gaining access to where you need to go at your business site can be as easy as tapping your mobiles device’s screen.


The key concepts here are cost-effectiveness, reliability, and accessibility. Considering this, it’s no wonder why Brivo OnAir is a GSA Contract holder. Government agencies rely on only the best when it comes to maintaining the security of their facilities, and you can experience that same level of security at your own business, all at an affordable rate and with the peace of mind that Enterprise Security offers as a certified Brivo dealer.


If you’re a current or prospective Enterprise Security customer and any of this information has triggered your interest, feel free to call us at (800) 377-5017 or contact us via web to discuss how Brivo OnAir and EagleEye might be a good fit for your business.