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ESI & Exacq Introduce Cloud Based Video Health Monitoring

by Joseph Emens | Apr 10, 2017

ESI Offers More Peace of Mind with Continuous Health Monitoring using exacqCloud Services

Avoid the risk of realizing an important camera has been offline for a month, only when a highly visible incident requires video.

exacqCloud gives ESI real-time information on the health of your video surveillance system, so we can quickly address any problems.

ESI Health Monitoring So You Don't Have To

exacqCloud allows ESI to continuously monitor critical video recording components such as:

  • Recorder uptime − Notification if the video server is powered down or removed from the network
  • Camera uptime − Notification if an analog or IP camera is disconnected or stops streaming video
  • Temperature warnings − Receive notification if the video recorder or cameras are operating at an excessive temperature
  • Recording requirements not met − Notification if video is not being recorded for the required duration
  • Recorder hardware monitoring − Monitor the health of major individual components on all exacqVision video recorders


Faster, Lower Cost Service

Why wait to self-discover a problem when ESI can detect it and schedule repair within minutes? Remote diagnostics reduce the need for time consuming and expensive diagnostic trips, and enable ESI to dispatch a fully prepared technician much faster.

How Does It Work?

exacqCloud is high availability cloud service provided by Tyco Security Products. ESI will configure your on-premise exacqVision recorders to transmit surveillance system health events to the exacqCloud service. No special network configuration is usually required for exacqVision recorders to securely transmit event data out of your internet connection.

When ESI observes a system health problem in the exacqCloud web interface or e-mail/text notification, they will determine what if any remediation action is required based on your service contract with them.