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Press Release - Enterprise Security Partners with Cybersecurity Experts Guard Street

by Joseph Emens | Sep 24, 2019

ANAHEIM, Calif., Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cybercrime is on the rise among American organizations, and the costs are massive. Cybercriminals are breaking into organizations for multiple reasons, including stealing financial information of the business or its customers, denying service to their website or to install a virus that monitors an organization's online activity in the future. It seems almost every week there is a headline story regarding a data breach or ransomware attack that costs an organization millions of dollars and a damaged reputation. To address this large and fast-growing issue, Anaheim-headquartered Enterprise Security and Chicago-based Guard Street™ have joined forces to offer organizations nationwide a groundbreaking suite of cybersecurity services designed to keep their confidential data and organization protected from cybercriminals, fraudsters and hackers both inside and outside of their firewall.   

Through combining physical security surveillance and integration with a comprehensive cybersecurity suite, the proactive protection solution is a holistic one, which is even more beneficial for customers. The services include not only organization necessities like ongoing vulnerability scans, penetration testing and compliance assessments but also a proven approach to quantifying cyber-risk to allow organizations to better manage their cybersecurity. The world-class services also help save on cyber-liability insurance costs and provide awareness training for employees, since they are highly targeted by cybercriminals.

The Guard Street™ services available through Enterprise Security not only includes the proactive protection services but also an on-call forensic investigation team with incident response services.  The services even include a monitoring service on the dark web, deep web, surface web and social media, designed to protect online brands, reputations and company data that may be leaked.

The Enterprise Security - Guard Street™ alliance comes at a pressing time with a significant need for such an extensive protection service. A recent poll by Vanson Bourne discovered that 60% of businesses have experienced a serious security breach in the last two years. It also reinforces Enterprise Security's commitment to design, develop and deliver industry-best product and service solutions for its customers. 

"We are thrilled to be working with Guard Street™ on this new venture to offer our customers the full, holistic solution they need to protect their assets," said Troy Laughlin, Enterprise Security's President and CEO.

According to Vince Mazza, CEO of Guard Street: "Today, an organization's digital assets and reputation are extremely valuable and, in most cases, more valuable than its physical property. Everything an organization needs to protect its assets is conveniently available through one company. We're excited to work with a company of the caliber of Enterprise Security, who shares our commitment to providing world-class solutions."

About Guard Street

Guard Street is a cybersecurity company dedicated to assisting clients with information security risk management, quantifying cybersecurity need, risk mitigation, monitoring their digital brand, fraud management and vulnerability detection and prevention. For additional information, go to www.guardstreet.com

About Enterprise Security 

Enterprise Security, Inc. (ESI) was formed to facilitate the convergence of physical security and information technology, serving corporate enterprises, municipalities, government, hospital and educational institutions. For additional information, go to www.entersecurity.com.


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