• When Fortune 500 corporations, government customers, or any other enterprise applications concerned with critical security issues need a reliable solution in their day to day operations, more often than not, they turn to Software House and its security and event management technologies currently installed in thousands of facilities worldwide.

    Total Solution

    Software House has built a solid reputation in the security industry as an innovator of security and event management technologies. With its continuous investment in R&D, and the ability to leverage new technologies, Software House has reached technological excellence. Reliability, flexibility, and power are why many companies choose Software House solutions for their security needs. By holding true to those three qualities, Software House technologies have become the solution of choice for thousands of security-conscious businesses around the world. These solutions are put to the test every day at nearly 10,000 sites worldwide. They are designed to be a part of your business infrastructure and have been engineered to grow as your business grows. There’s no other security solution on the market that gives you the extraordinary level of control that Software House solutions provide. Software House solutions put you firmly in control of streamlined business operations.

    Software House solutions include the innovative C•CURE 9000 security and event management system and the C•CURE 800/8000 access control solution, and a wide-range of complementary hardware products.

    From Entry Level to Enterprise Level

    Through its access control software and hardware lines, Software House provides customers with complete, real-time control over their security systems whether large or small. Front and center in the access control portfolio, the scalable C•CURE 9000 security management platform allows users to meet security needs from entry to enterprise level. Installations range from simple door controls to enterprise integrations with thousands of doors spanning many geographical areas around the world. Software House continues to offer complete solutions, providing products that increase efficiency and fit any budget while maintaining the same high standards for performance and quality.

    Seamless Integration

    With an open architecture and unsurpassed integration platform, Software House C•CURE solutions allows customers to integrate seamlessly with critical security and business applications giving users full control through a single user interface. Whether your business calls for highly elaborate integration between multiple systems, or a simple connection between an alarm and a camera, Software House delivers the right systems and the right level of integration. C•CURE can be integrated a variety of third-party products from video and intercom to intrusion and fire detection. Software House continues its commitment to expanding these products and services to meet the diverse and growing needs of its customers.

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  • As a leading manufacturer of integrated security and identity systems for worldwide markets, Identiv offers award-winning solutions for access control, intrusion detection, digital certificates and smart cards. Identiv trust solutions allow people to gain access to buildings, networks, information, systems, and services, while ensuring that the physical facilities and digital assets of the organizations they interact with are protected. Solutions are implemented using standards-driven technology, such as digital certificates, trusted authentication, mobility, and cloud services. The foundation of Identiv's trust solutions is a single universal identity credential that can be used to trust or securely access any resource — premises, information, or even everyday items. Cloud-based Identiv Trust Services (ITS) provide a secure web portal to issue, manage, or revoke credentials, without the complexity and cost of internal deployments.

    Hirsch is now Identiv.

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  • When it comes to security Access It! Universal.NET brings sophistication and quality to access control. Featuring cutting edge security features, Access It! Universal.NET provides a hardened access control infrastructure capable of using the most sophisticated access control technologies available.

    RS2 not only provides a complete solution, but does so by using the open architecture of Mercury Security Hardware. In addition to providing an ever-growing feature set, this open architecture keeps costs down and delivers freedom to grow the system as needed. Learn more from our white papers.

    The Access It! Universal.NET features a smart and intuitive user interface that allows for cutting-edge configurations while maintaining ease of use. Advanced features allow for automatic scheduling, data management, web access, maps, DVR\NVR integrations, custom reporting, email alerts, biometrics, PSIA, and advanced site management and controls.

    These features, coupled with constantly updated integrations to 3rd party hardware, make Access It! Universal.NET a truly smart option for access control and gives the freedom to design an access control system tailored to the needs of the facility.

    RS2 Technologies is a leading manufacturer of access control software. The Access It! suite of software is where security professionals turn when they need an effective and reliable access control solution.

    Contact us to learn more about what the Access It! solution can do for you. 

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  • We take the time to truly understand our customers’ challenges and look for ways our technology can enhance their security, create business efficiencies, and cost-savings. We release two updates of our Command Centre security software each year, to protect our customers from emerging cyber security risks and ensure they benefit from the latest technologies.

    Robust cyber security is built into everything we deliver. End-to-end encryption and authentication, external and internal vulnerability testing, system hardening and configuration advice, fully trained and certified installers, and a robust security product development philosophy, ensure our solutions are as cyber-secure as possible.

    We employ quality principals in every step of our process. The design and manufacture of our products occurs on-site at our head office in New Zealand. We believe in our products and offer a limited lifetime warranty on readers and five-year advanced replacement on current generation Gallagher manufactured parts.

    Our products continue to be acknowledged globally for their excellence and innovation. We’ve been recognized as 2020 Security Software Manufacturer of the Year in the UK and our solutions were named Platinum Award Winners at the 2020 ASTORS Homeland Security Awards.

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  • Brivo Inc. is the worldwide leader in cloud-based physical access control and video surveillance systems. Currently servicing over 6 million users, the company’s award-winning Brivo OnAir provides unmatched scalability and centralized security management for global enterprises, while retaining the ease of use for small and medium sized customers. As a true multi-tenant and user centric SaaS solution, Brivo OnAir is unique in providing combined access and video management in a single cloud platform.

    Brivo's services minimize TCO and IT burdens, while dramatically simplifying deployment and security management. Remaining in the forefront of innovation, our open platform expands opportunities outside of traditional access control, allowing end users and developers to find new ways to incorporate Brivo's features and services into other applications. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, Brivo was founded in 1999.

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  • Axis is the market leader in network video and a driving force behind the shift from analog to digital video surveillance, which paves the way for a more secure, smarter and safer world. Axis offers network video solutions for professional installations featuring products and solutions that are based on innovative and open technical platforms.

    Market leader

    Axis retained its position as clear market leader in network cameras and in the category surveillance cameras. Axis also achieved a market leader position in the category video encoder and thereby strengthens the company’s position on the surveillance camera market.

    Our product portfolio

    Axis was the first company in the world to launch a network camera in 1996, initiating the shift from analog to digital technology. The majority of Axis’ sales are generated by the video product area; network cameras, video encoders, accessories and application software.

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  • Aiphone has become the most respected and reliable brand of communication systems in the world. Aiphone Co. Limited in Nagoya, Japan exports to over 60 countries. Our North American marketing and sales distribution center near Seattle, Washington, was established in 1970.

    Systems for Every Application

    Aiphone products range from simple do-it-yourself door answering units to sophisticated video entry security systems, complex microprocessor-based commercial systems, and luxury condo/apartment security and communication systems. Our products are unrivaled in design simplicity, technical excellence and reliability. With nearly 40 standard systems, we can create a system for virtually any intercom application.

    Designed to Last

    Every Aiphone system is the result of painstaking attention to detail, with contemporary design and the finest quality hardware and circuitry. All of our products are engineered and tested with reliability in mind.

    Winner of the Demming Prize

    Aiphone is the first and only intercom manufacturer to win the Deming Prize, the highest international award for quality control. Named in the honor of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the award honors firms worldwide which advance and maintain manufacturing quality.

    ISO 9001

    Aiphone is the first intercom manufacturer worldwide to receive ISO 9001 certification, and the only one selling in North America. An agency representing the International Standards Organization (ISO), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, graded Aiphone against guidelines for design and development, production, and product inspection and testing. ISO 9001 standards provide an immediate recognition of product quality almost anywhere in the world.

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  • Founded in 2002, Exacq Technologies is a leading manufacturer of video management system (VMS) software and servers used for video surveillance. Known for its ease of use, the exacqVision cross-platform VMS software is widely used across many applications. It is readily available on factory installed exacqVision hybrid and IP camera servers or on commercial off-the-shelf servers. Exacq Technologies is part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco (NYSE: TYC), the world's largest pure-play fire protection and security company.

    Managing Video Surveillance Made Easier

    Exacq Technologies has been developing powerful, yet highly intuitive, cost-effective video surveillance products. From small, single-camera systems to large, scalable deployments with thousands of cameras, Exacq has the ideal security solution for nearly any application. The exacqVision product line is well-known for its simplicity and flexibility. exacqVision video security products improve surveillance by allowing end users to increase the protection of both people and property.

    Our Products: exacqVision VMS software

    The exacqVision VMS software gives end users an easy-to-use, yet feature rich system to manage live and recorded video for a variety of needs. The intuitive exacqVision VMS software line includes software designed for stand-alone systems all the way to complete enterprise systems. The unique exacqVision Edge VMS installs directly on a compatible IP camera to provide a complete solution without the need for a separate server. Customers can access live and recorded video from multiple exacqVision servers with the freely distributed client user-interface available for Windows, Mac or Linux. Compatible with more than 1,900 IP camera models and a large number of access control systems, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and retail and video analytics, the exacqVision VMS is one of the industry's most flexible solutions.

    Our Products: exacqVision Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

    The exacqVision line of hybrid and IP camera servers provides a complete, out-of-the box VMS solution. exacqVision hybrid servers seamlessly integrate analog and IP cameras, allowing customers to utilize their existing surveillance system and easily upgrade to the latest IP technology. A single hybrid server can accommodate up to 192 analog and IP cameras combined with up to 80TB of storage. exacqVision IP camera servers are designed to accommodate IP cameras and encoders. Every exacqVision server comes with pre-loaded exacqVision VMS software and a 3-year warranty with a software subscription agreement (SSA) included. Hybrid and IP camera servers are all scalable, cross-compatible and unified through the freely distributed exacqVision client software. Access to exacqVision servers is also freely available on most internet browsers and through the free exacq Mobile app available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone 8.

    Market Leader

    Exacq has established a strong brand presence in the educational, corporate, retail and healthcare markets. As a leader in video security, Exacq is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry and providing its customers with the latest VMS functionality.

    exacqVision Products Available Worldwide

    The exacqVision products are manufactured both in the United States and Europe. The product line is sold via distribution throughout the world.

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  • Eagle Eye Networks was created to make video security easier for all of us. Camera systems have traditionally been pretty complex, challenging for most people to manage, and costly. We are bringing the latest modern web and cloud technologies to make cameras easier to use, more accessible, and more robust. We believe that by doing this we will expand the applications. We eliminate a tremendous amount of headache by putting everything in the cloud where we can take care of it and you don’t have to. With the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS you can deploy analytics on one camera or multiple cameras – on any type of camera – and you can do it without installing software or buying larger servers. It’s all done in the cloud on our servers.

    Why is Eagle Eye Networks Different?

    A Cloud Service isn’t only about where the software lives; it’s really a top to bottom approach. Most successful cloud services in other industries have been designed and implemented specifically as a multi-tenant cloud service. The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS has been developed by a team of focussed engineers with background in developing large scale cloud systems. It’s a ground up creation designed to be multi-tenant, robust, reliable and highly scalable. We believe that nothing like this has been built before.

    The overall approach is important is because it’s not an attempt to retro-fit an existing on-premise video product into the cloud. As a cloud services company, Eagle Eye is dedicated to delivering service to our customers. This is an important distinction from product based companies. As a services company our goal is to ensure that the end to end solution meets your needs.

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  • Enterprise Security provides a comprehensive cybersecurity suite of services through its strategic partnership with Guard Street.  The proactive protection solutions are holistic and include organizational necessities like external vulnerability scans, penetration testing and compliance assessments, but also a proven approach to quantifying cyber risk to allow organizations to better manage their cyber security.  The world-class services include security awareness training for employees, on-call forensic investigation and incident response services as well as a monitoring service designed to protect online brands, reputations and company data that may be leaked.

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  • Introducing the Emergency Automatic Gunshot Lockdown (EAGL) System, a fully automated active shooter response system. The EAGL is designed to protect the public from random shooting incidents and provide law enforcement with critical threat assessments prior to responding to an active shooter circumstance. The EAGL system detects gunfire both indoors and outdoors and automatically locks down soft target areas based on a preset schedule. An image of the building layout along with ballistic data and shooter(s) location(s) are sent to local law enforcements’ emails, text messages and emergency command centers.

    EAGL’s FireFly® ballistic detector is the latest in gunshot detection technology. FireFly was developed by the U.S. Department Of Energy/Pacific Northwest National Labs in a response to the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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  • HID Global is the trusted leader in solutions for the delivery of secure identity solutions for millions of customers around the world and is committed to enhancing customer value by delivering the most trusted, advanced and dependable secure identity solutions in the market.

    Recognized for robust quality, innovative designs and industry leadership, HID Global is focused on creating customer value and is the supplier of choice for a variety of markets that include physical access control; logical access control including strong authentication and credential management; card printing and personalization; highly secure government ID; and identification technologies used in animal ID, industry and logistics applications. HID Global is an ASSA ABLOY Group brand.

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  • Arecont Vision is exclusively focused on megapixel technology and, as the industry leader, has contributed more to the advancement of megapixel imaging for professional security applications than any other company in the security market. Our worldwide installed base of megapixel cameras crosses a broad spectrum of applications and venues – a proven testament to Arecont Vision’s leadership in developing innovative megapixel imaging technologies and products.

    As a result of our best-in-class product architecture, we typically introduce new imaging technology years ahead of competitors because we don’t have to wait until a new off-the-shelf ASIC is available. Our industry firsts include:
    • 2-megapixel H.264 network camera (2004)
    • 3-megapixel H.264 dual-sensor Day/Night™ camera (2005)
    • 5-megapixel H.264 network camera (2006)
    • 180˚ and 360° 8-megapixel panoramic cameras (2006)
    • Complete product line of H.264 megapixel cameras (2008)
    • 10-megapixel H.264 network camera (2009)
    • 20-megapixel 180˚ and 360° panoramic cameras (2011)
    • 12-megapixel 180˚ panoramic camera with WDR (2012)
    • Smallest multi-megapixel all-in-one MicroDome™, 1-5MP (2013)
    • 40-megapixel 180˚ and 360° panoramic cameras (2013)

    Arecont Vision, the leader in megapixel IP video, offers the largest selection of megapixel cameras available worldwide – our product line includes H.264 and JPEG 1.3, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 20 megapixel models available in our MegaVideo®Compact, MegaVideo®, MegaDome™, MegaView™ D4F/D4s and SurroundVideo® lines. All offer a superior price/performance ratio and integration with best in breed VMS platforms. Arecont Vision’s suite of multi-megapixel cameras will make any IP video network execution better – and deliver the greatest ROI – as compared against conventional cameras.

    Arecont Vision is leading the way in IP video with cutting edge innovations, superior performance and the broadest selection of megapixel IP cameras.

    The company has grown consistently over the past 10 years.  Since our beginnings in Southern California, we have expanded our worldwide reach beyond North America with offices and representation in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America.  Arecont Vision maintains a channel partner sales model including systems integrators, value added resellers, dealers and distributors.  Our marketing programs and field sales organizations create demand at the end user level and pull business through our reseller channel partners.

    Arecont Vision’s industry leadership is further illustrated through its partner programs such as the Channel Partner Certification Program which provides megapixel education to the market and the Technology Partner Program which capitalizes on integration with more than 80 of the worlds NVR and VMS technology platforms.

    Arecont Vision continues to lead the way in megapixel video. 

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  • Sony is taking the wraps off a comprehensive new approach to the Security industry. We've stepped up our game, integrating as never before with a wider range of value-added application providers. We've bolstered our alliances with cutting-edge software vendors to provide best-in-class solutions for Managed Video and Distance Learning, plus vertical markets like Restaurants, Transportation, Public Safety and Sports Stadiums. In fact, we're extending our outreach across the entire ecosystem of consultants and systems integrators.

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  • With a long and prestigious history of offering high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service, Pelco by Schneider Electric has become the most sought-after supplier in the video security industry. Founded in 1957 and headquartered in Clovis, California, Pelco continues its never-ending pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction.

    Since 2007, Pelco has been part of Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy and security management. Coming together as one, Pelco and Schneider Electric offer a unique ability to provide customers with an unmatched combination of solutions for infrastructure and security. Today, Pelco employs about 2,200 people worldwide, with resellers in 130 countries.

    Product Innovation

    Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems, including high-definition and IP fixed, dome and integrated positioning camera systems; next-generation video management and software-only solutions; video matrix systems; full HD displays and more.

    Like other building automation systems, physical security is migrating from an analog, centralized landscape to one that is network-based and IP-focused. That means existing network infrastructures can be leveraged to deliver video security solutions in new and exciting ways that drive business and increase efficiency.

    Engineering Excellence

    Respected as a major product innovator in the market, Pelco manufactures a large number of special equipment items, including explosion proof and pressurized camera enclosures, high-security housings and thermal imaging pan-tilt-zoom positioning systems.

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  • Bosch Security Systems is a supplier of equipment for the global electronic protection and communications systems industries.

    Bosch Security Systems, Inc. works closely with an extensive network of certified dealers and integrators to design dependable communications, security and life safety solutions for the market. Our broad portfolio of products and systems for communications, video surveillance, access control, and intrusion and fire detection are used by major schools and universities, government agencies, correctional facilities, retail stores, sports and entertainment facilities, casinos, and in many other commercial and industrial environments throughout the world.

    Our significant investment in research and development is unsurpassed in the industry and enables us to regularly update our existing products and introduce new technologies. And, while technological innovation is important, we ensure that new product development addresses all the concerns paramount in the world of communications, security and life safety today, including performance, quality, and ease of installation, maintenance and use.

    Bosch is also committed to upholding the highest standards for service. Our goal is total customer satisfaction through products, service and support. Bosch associates work closely with customers to help them win new business. Technical support services are easily accessible via phone, email and the Internet for installers working to develop and maintain high-quality security and communications systems, and we provide extensive training to make sure our customers understand how to get the most from their systems.

    For more than 125 years, the Bosch name has stood for quality and reliability. We are there for our customers during all crucial phases of a project: before, during and after the sale.

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  • Honeywell is a leading global manufacturer of security and automation solutions for residential and commercial applications. From intrusion, fire and home automation systems, to the latest in IP video and access control, we are focused on technologies that create “connected homes” and “connected buildings.”

    With our extensive technology portfolio, experienced team and trusted brand, we have been recognized as the “partner of choice” in the security industry. Year after year, a Security Distributing and Marketing magazine reader survey has ranked Honeywell as the industry’s preferred channel partner. 

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  • Commend stands for the world’s leading communication and security solutions for the protection of people, buildings and property.

    Latest-generation Intercom 2.0 technology powers control terminals, modules and intercom stations for speech, image and data transfer in markets ranging from rescue and correctional services to the medical and healthcare industry, as well as traffic facilities, communities and building operators.

    Solutions & Applications

    A wide range of solutions are available providing the ability to speak via intercom from anywhere to anywhere, both stand alone or fully networked solutions.

    Applications include:

    • General Security
    • Lifts
    • Car Parks
    • Town Centres
    • Heavy Industry
    • Universities
    • Oil & Petrochem
    • Prisons
    • Police / Military
    • Hospitals
    • Airports

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  • American Dynamics develops some of the world's most needed video technologies. Technologies that help retailers thwart organized crime to protect their bottom line, and universities provide peace of mind to parents of incoming students. Technologies that help our governments secure ports and borders, and hospitals ensure the safety and privacy of their patients. Technologies that move beyond security to become essential business-enabling tools.

    From its beginning in the early 1970s as a DVR and matrix switcher company, to its proud stance today as a leading provider of IP solutions, American Dynamics has always stood for reliability, customer commitment, and integrity. While technology and products change at breakneck speeds, those values are steadfast and they are part of the American Dynamics vision.

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  • When MOBOTIX developed the first weatherproof web cam with digital image sensors and an integrated PC back in 1999, no one could ever have imagined the impact this would have on the future of video surveillance. The transmission of video streams over computer networks finally enabled video technology to depart from the restrictions of a TV standard which had applied for 60 years, bringing it in line with the megapixel image quality of modern-day digital cameras. MOBOTIX is the only network camera manufacturer to date that is capable of storing smooth high-resolution video streams with 1536 lines instead of the usual 288, including sound. The new technology isn't just more powerful in all areas, it also has two decisive advantages: it is more cost-effective than traditional CCTV video technology and more multi-functional thanks to its integrated computer and network connection.

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  • Schlage is a lock manufacturer founded in 1920 by Walter Schlage in San Francisco. Schlage is one of the most popular brands of consumer and commercial locks in the United States.

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  • VMware (NYSE:VMW), the industry-leading virtualization software company, empowers organizations to innovate and thrive by streamlining IT operations. By virtualizing infrastructure—from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices—VMware enables IT to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere.

    VMware is radically transforming IT with technologies that make your business more agile, efficient and profitable. A pioneer in virtualization and policy-driven automation, VMware simplifies IT complexity across the entire data center. We deliver value to more than 500,000 customers through virtualization software, professional services and a robust ecosystem of more than 55,000 partners that drives application interoperability and customer choice.

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  • For more than 28 years, Dell has empowered countries, communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. Customers trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school or anywhere in their world. Learn more about our story, purpose and people behind our customer-centric approach.

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  • AC&NC™ provides custom designed and pre-configured JetStor® plug-and-play storage solutions that meet and exceed each customer’s application(s) requirements. Focused intently on storage without distractions of tape backup or bundled servers, AC&NC manufacturers in-house and delivers complete solutions in 24-48 hours from in-stock JetStor RAID, iSCSI, FC, NAS / Unified, Flash Hybrid and JBOD SAS systems that set the bar for performance.

    Approaching its twenty year anniversary, AC&NC has built a long record of reference clients in virtually every industry, from Fortune 500 to small and medium sized businesses, governments, non-profit and educational institutions.

    Most importantly, AC&NC has demonstrated its commitment to complete lifecycle support for every system sold, ensuring the highest return on investment. AC&NC’s prosperity during eighteen years of tumultuous economies are proof of its conservative, experienced management team and long term business model, in stark contrast to the externally funded acquisition or IPO targeted startups common in the IT industry. This long term model aligns AC&NC’s priorities with yours, and ensures your JetStor storage systems remain fully operational and supported as long as you need them.

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  • Firetide provides the highest performance fixed and mobile wireless IP network infrastructure products that enable concurrent video, voice and data applications for government, transportation, education and commercial customers. The company’s products are used to build private wireless mesh infrastructure and access networks for indoor and outdoor use that are highly reliable and secure. Firetide is based in Silicon Valley with operations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. Firetide has an installed base of thousands of customers in 40 countries around the world.

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  • Vicon® Industries (Vicon) is a trusted designer and producer of video systems and high-performance IP cameras used for security, surveillance, safety and control purposes. Vicon set out to make a difference in the security industry almost 50 years ago.

    Our new strategic focus is dedicated to empowering a team-based Partner ecosystem (Team-Ecosystem) to drive growth and deliver greater value to the channel. Vicon's new mission is to build a Team-Ecosystem to offer transformational solutions that will accelerate sustainable value for our Partners.

    Vicon oversees its worldwide operations from its main headquarters located on New York's Long Island and its European headquarters in the UK. Sales, distribution and customer support are also provided from offices in Hong Kong and in Germany. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "VII".

    Vicon is a full security solution provider offering:

    • Open-platform ViconNet video management software
    • A full selection of network cameras, including megapixel models
    • NVRs, Hybrid DVRs and video storage solutions
    • Access control
    • HD decoders, virtual matrix display software and HD monitors
    • System design and installation support from our Professional Services team

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  • Morpho (Safran) is a global leader in security and identity solutions for an increasingly digital and connected world.

    We employ more than 8,600 people in 55 countries and generated revenues of more than €1.5 billion in 2014. Backed by more than 40 years' experience in biometrics, our unique expertise lies in providing cutting edge technologies for a wide range of markets and applications for citizens, governments and business.

    Morpho contributes to managing identities, protecting borders, detecting threats, ensuring law enforcement and providing trusted on-line transactions and services.

    Our solutions ensure safety, protect identities and safeguard privacy, for easier, everyday lives. The security business is playing a major role in Safran's future development.

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  • Founded in 1956, Alvarado is a privately held corporation that specializes in providing products and solutions that protect assets and control the flow of people. Thousands of organizations across the globe use Alvarado products and integrated solutions. We’re a uniquely American business that hires the right people, trains them to focus on customer needs and enables them to act in the best interests of our customers.

    Alvarado sells products in the following business areas:

    Secured Entry Control

    Our Secured Entry Control group manufactures optical turnstiles, full height turnstiles, waist high turnstiles and various types of gates. Our products are sold and installed through a worldwide dealer network that is backed by our knowledgeable and responsive technical support personnel. We are the USA’s leading turnstile manufacturer and our customers include governmental organizations and many of the world’s largest and best known companies. We have thousands of installations and customers worldwide.

    Sports and Entertainment

    For over 20 years, leading sports and entertainment venues have relied on Alvarado for intelligent admission control solutions worldwide. Our GateLink10 admission control software and intelligent entry hardware is installed in over 200 locations globally. Representative customers include many of the world’s leading ticketing companies, NASCAR, NBA and MLB teams, 80% of the largest stadiums in Australia and New Zealand, dozens of colleges and North America’s largest regional theme park operator. In addition to front gate entry control software and hardware products, we also provide highly innovative cashless payment and loyalty systems.

    Asset Protection and Crowd Control

    Alvarado provides products that protect valuable assets in grocery, retail and warehouse environments. Our protection products protect valuable assets such as doors, refrigeration cases and roll-up warehouse doors and warehouse fixtures. Our crowd control group provides products that control pedestrian flow and retail traffic. Our modular railing, turnstile and gate products are highly useful tools to direct pedestrian and shopping cart traffic and reduce shrink in retail environments. Alvarado has provided public entry products since its founding.

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  • Founded in 1975, Dynasound has pioneered the development and application of sound masking systems for millions of square feet of commercial office space, military bases and defense contractors.

    Dynasound manufactures sound masking systems designed for every size office space and for all types of construction. We provide sound masking solutions for open offices, closed offices, SCIF and secure rooms. We can provide a single speaker system or a sound masking system consisting of thousands of networked speakers.

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  • For more than 25 years, Code Blue Corporation has been the industry leading manufacturer of durable emergency communication solutions. The pioneer in developing and producing vandal-resistant Blue Light Emergency Phones at thousands of education, corporate, hospital, airport and municipal locations around the world, Code Blue’s evolution continues with the engineering of new software and hardware designed to meet the ever-changing needs of customers who require an advanced level of incident deterrence that establishes a safe environment.

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  • Description

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  • We are in the business of security management and have been a leader in traditional access control for decades. Our systems are installed worldwide and range from small two-door systems to large campuses with multi-buildings, or multi-sites managing hundreds of doors and thousands of badges.

    Our hardware and software provide business and government the highest-level of security management available today.

    MAXXESS is a privately held company with our main headquarters in Yorba Linda, California. MAXXESS Systems Europe, Ltd operates in the U.K. and services Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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