EAGL - Gunshot Detection System

Introducing the Emergency Automatic Gunshot Lockdown (EAGL) System, a fully automated active shooter response system. The EAGL is designed to protect the public from random shooting incidents and provide law enforcement with critical threat assessments prior to responding to an active shooter circumstance. The EAGL system detects gunfire both indoors and outdoors and automatically locks down soft target areas based on a preset schedule. An image of the building layout along with ballistic data and shooter(s) location(s) are sent to local law enforcements’ emails, text messages and emergency command centers.
EAGL’s FireFly® ballistic detector is the latest in gunshot detection technology. FireFly was developed by the U.S. Department Of Energy/Pacific Northwest National Labs in a response to the Sandy Hook tragedy.


EAGL - Shooter
EAGL - Diagram
EAGL FireFly CityWeb