Security Management Solutions

Security Management Solutions (SMS) comprises a portfolio of applications that can be used to simplify and streamline daily security operations. For example, ESI’s Infinity® Framework is a powerful tool that helps Security Administrators with a variety of daily tasks including the generation of custom SQL system reports (scheduled at certain intervals and then emailed to a predefined distribution list); integrating Visitor Management with various access control platforms; creating, packaging, tracking, and escalating security incidents; providing “Who’s Inside” reports for emergency evacuations; and even augmenting internal duress and escalation responses by integrating desktop PCs with the security platform. - Learn More

Security IntegrationDoor Controls

In its simplest terms,  access control restricts passage of people into certain areas.  By implementing an access control system, an organization now has the flexibility of controlling who goes through doors and when they are allowed to do so.  This is extremely important and helpful when managing the on-boarding and off-boarding of employees and contractors; managing cleaning crews and other regular vendors; auditing who has where and when; and of course simply keeping everyone that should not have access from getting in.  Access control systems are often utilized in conjunction with other security systems such as intercoms, alarm monitoring and even video recording systems to see what happened when an access control door alarm was triggered. Whether it is biometrics, cards, or simply codes for a couple doors or thousands, Enterprise Security has the expertise to help you navigate the sometimes costly mistakes and help design a cost effective access control solution that will grow with the company as you need it.

Video Monitoring

Video surveillance systems are seeing a resurgence as the systems become much more sophisticated and in some was much easier to use than in prior years.  Aside from the obvious deterring benefits that cameras have, they are also extremely efficient in monitoring various areas simultaneously allowing for great efficiency for security resources. Additionally, unlike the antiquated analog systems from 5-10 years ago, IP camera systems allow for much higher resolution, higher quality, and longer retention of the video.  Where it was once standard to retain 2 weeks of analog video on a DVR, you now easily store several months of video on a server should you so choose.  Enterprise Security's strong IT background allows us to match your current and future video surveillance needs as well as leverage intelligent video management platforms in order to maximize all the possible security benefits and realize the greatest return on your security investment.


From simple door intercoms to sophisticated multi-station campus wide deployments, Enterprise Security designs and installs state of the art intercom and duress intercom systems. Used mainly for two way communication as well as to control non-credential visitors through secured passage areas, intercoms are critical to ensuring an effective and efficient security operation.

Intrusion Alarm

The most recognized and perhaps certainly the most widely implemented form of electronic security, intrusion alarm systems remain a critical component in a multifaceted security system. Enterprise Security can help identify a prudent security design to ensure adequate coverage is provided and security budgets are preserved.

Sound Masking

If you have cubicle areas and conference rooms as part of your typical facility design, sound masking may be a specialty system you should consider. By providing an ambient layer of white noise in certain areas you are able to reduce modular furniture costs as well as minimize the effects of workplace distractions. Furthermore, when used in offices and board rooms, confidential conversations do not “spill over” into waiting rooms or picked up by those intent on listening in.


Whether it is standard or customized, Enterprise Security can help with all your card, ribbon, reels, lanyards, overlays, cleaning kits, badges, and fobs that are needed to keep your security system working.

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