Your business is unique, and so it’s likely your security needs are too. Working with all the relevant stakeholders, Enterprise Security’s team of security experts will help develop and document your specific Security Standards to mitigate your firm’s physical security risks, develop security policies and procedures, standardize on security installation and maintenance protocol, and minimize project costs and potential losses resulting from poor planning and system implementation.


As with every technology today, it can be difficult to keep up with it all. Security is no different as what looks good on paper today does not translate well for your specific application. You need someone that can help navigate the technology, present the best of breed solutions, show the pros and the cons of each, and create a unique platform whereby you can make an informed decision. Enterprise Security does just that. We do not believe in high pressure sales tactics, flashy promotions, or monthly sales specials to get you to be a customer of ours. You need a provider that treats you fairly, is responsive to your needs, and can help you and your staff make sense of what security solutions you really need and what you really don’t.


Rarely are two security projects ever identical. Enterprise Security takes the time to listen, learn, and understand the unique challenges that come with every security system installation. From simple changes such as accommodating a visitor management solution for a busy reception area to complex programming and relay logic to secure a major data center, Enterprise Security can help properly Engineer and Design sophisticated solutions that will accommodate your needs. Part of our offering includes detailed AUTOCAD drawings that clearly communicate all device locations, electrical and rough in requirements, mounting and installation details, panel & termination elevations, as well as any additional systems integration (fire systems, PLCs, etc.) that is needed.

Monitoring solutionsPROJECT OVERSIGHT

Project Management at Enterprise Security means more than just “On Time and Under Budget.” It is a passion and a personal commitment on our part to oversee the successful installation of a security system from initial ideas and concept drawings, to installation and implementation and of course finally its normal daily use. Our project management team members help review drawings, discuss challenges, provide solutions and ensure that all this is effectively communicated and coordinated with general contractors, electricians, architects, property managers, and end users to ensure that security installations are not just “On time and Under Budget” but are also done right the first time.


Like most things worth the initial investment, system maintenance is important to preserve your investment. We can perform quarterly and or annual inspections to ensure proper system functionality of the equipment as well as conduct software system health checks at regular intervals to ensure the system is properly being backed up, system logs are correct, updates are being made, and help identify system faults that could be a sign of a larger problem that needs further attention.


Nothing can be more frustrating than needing assistance with a problem and not getting the help you need when you need it most. Whether it is a simple how to question or a serious problem that requires a knowledgeable technician or engineer to help correct it, Enterprise Security Service and Support staff are prepared to do what needs to be done in order to ensure the problem is taken care of in a timely fashion.


Sometimes custom applications and system software integrations are required in order to address some of the demanding requirements made by corporate policy, regulatory agencies, human resources, or even internal risk management groups. Enterprise Security’s Professional Services Group specializes in developing custom software specifically for security applications. Our software developers work closely with our clients to understand the complex workflows and requirements in order to provide a custom solution that meets all the functional requirements. - Learn more about our Professional Services Group


Moving is a challenge enough. Moving your security system does not have to be. Specializing in security system relocations, Enterprise Security can help minimize the cost and headache that often occurs when relocating your security system from one facility to another. From discussing your options to developing a detailed plan, we can help transition your system and preserve as much of your initial investment as possible.