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By developing custom software where off-the-shelf products fail to meet customer requirements, our Professional Services Group (PSG) stands shoulders above the competition. Our IT expertise and deep technical understanding of security solutions carves a path forward in the rapidly evolving security market.

Who we are

PSG is a team of highly skilled computer programmers, IT professionals, engineers, and project managers who collaborate directly with end users and manufacturers to extend and integrate security systems beyond their normal off-the-shelf capabilities.

What we can do for you

PSG routinely handles deployment of mission-critical IT infrastructure, including redundant, high-availability server configurations and centralized storage systems. PSG installs and configures servers, storage arrays, and networking equipment on existing customer networks and is also capable of building an entire IT infrastructure from the ground up.

Code ReviewPSG specializes in creating software tailored to customer requirements running on Microsoft Windows and the web. As SQL Server management and programming experts, PSG can integrate multiple physical access control systems (PACS), HR databases, and other information sources; provide new functionality not available in existing systems; and create purpose-built solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

PSG provides subject matter expertise for the converging security and IT technologies such as virtualization, logical access, and unified identity management.

  • Virtualization & Cloud Computing
    • CloudMany of ESI's existing and new customers already utilize virtualization in some form. PSG can offer additional or new virtualization services using VMware, such as: physical to virtual migration, server consolidation, data protection & replication strategies, and web hosted solutions.
  • Database Design & Integration
    • DatabasePSG writes custom software using Microsoft .NET languages and the web, typically integrated to physical security software and hardware.
  • Redundant High-Availability Servers
    • ServersPSG utilizes Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS) and VMware High-Availability (HA) and Fault-Tolerant (FT) Clusters in order to provide maximum up-time and reliability for critical server infrastructures.
  • Biometric & Smart Card Technology (Federal Services & PIV)
    • FingerprintFederal mandates and standards such as HSPD-12, CJIS, PIV, and TWIC push current generation PACS systems to their limits and often beyond. With logical access frequently driven by IT and a physical/logical credential unification pushed down by the Federal Government, PSG is needed to bridge these gaps between systems to deploy biometric and smart card solutions.

Explore more PSG solutions

  • Server, Storage & Network Equipment
    • To assist in ESI Installation and PSG projects, PSG can specify, prep, install, and configure a wide range of IT hardware, including Dell PowerEdge Servers and workstations, Dell PowerVault storage arrays, AC&NC JetStor storage arrays, and Dell PowerConnect Ethernet switches.
  • Identity Management for the Enterprise
    • As a certified Quantum Secure dealer, PSG is ready to architect and implement unified identify management for the enterprise. Providing automated on-boarding/off-boarding, a powerful workflow engine, and cross-PACS integrations, risk and compliance issues can be solved at the highest level. Other advanced tie-ins are available, such as visitor web registration and PIV/TWIC enrollment.
  • Wireless Network Technology
    • When there is no existing network infrastructure and direct cabling or trenching are not options, PSG can deploy FireTide point-to-point and mesh networks. Operating using different protocols than standard WiFi technology, mesh networks allow for greatly reduced lag over multiple hops and bolstered backhaul routes for high-bandwidth, low-latency applications like IP Video and VoIP.
  • RFID Technology
    • Typical RFID applications would be long-range vehicle entry systems and asset tracking. PSG uses AWID long range passive tags for vehicle tracking, ground loops for vehicle detection, and WhereNet software and hardware for software-integrated solutions.
  • Enterprise IP Video
    • From initial design and specification to on-site configuration and testing, PSG can deliver enterprise IP video systems to customers. When careful network planning and site-to-site connectivity is required, PSG is the right team to complete these challenging video deployments.
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
    • Utilizing Genetec's AutoVu software for advanced LPR deployments and integrations, PSG offers cutting edge technologies customers want. Typically the need for LPR data is associated with other PSG integrations with PACS or other security systems.

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